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Kerala State photo…
Kerala State photo……

Welcome to the Kerala State Taekwon-Do web profile .

About Keral State Taekwon-Do

​Welcome to the Official webprofile of the Kerala State Taekwon-Do  — Established  1990.

We are the longest running and the Original Taekwon-Do organisation in the Kerala and  INDIA.

Our Organization which is affiliated to "GENERAL CHOI TAEKWON-DO ASSOCIATION (GTA)" which in turn is affiliated with "International Taekwondo Federation (ITF)" has many black belt  and  instructors under its wing. Many  black belts have been trained by Grand Master Trevor Nicholls 9TH  Dan and graded by Master Yogi Chand  7TH  DAN, International Instructor & Examiner of the International Taekwondo Federation and have also undergone advance training under various other international masters from time to time.

Our organization instructors having not only secured the enviable distinction of receiving their black belts but also led their students successfully to top positions in State, Zonal National and International Championships.

Taekwondo Martial is recognized as one of the eminent sports by Ministry of Sports, Government of India and Government of Karnataka in particular. We have sufficient number of Instructors, in our roll.


Vice President and Chief instructor
Secretary and Additional Chief Instructor 

Executive Members
Mr.Sreedharan KP IV Dan
Mr.Rajesh EV .R IV Dan
Mr.Ramachandran.M. IV Dan
Mr.Jithesh P.K 5th Dan

Our Qualified Instructors

  1. Mr.Sreedharan KP IV Dan
  2. Mr.Rajesh EV .R IV Dan
  3. Mr.Ramachandran.M. IV Dan
  4. Mr.Jithesh P.K 5th Dan
  5. Sreehari 3rd Dan
  6. Keerthana EV 2nd Dan

Sreedharan K.P 5th Dan

Rajesh E.V 4th Dan

Ramachandran.M 4th Dan

Jithesh P.K 4th Dan

Jyothikrishnan 1st Dan

Harikrishnan.M 3rd Dan

Keerthana PV 2nd Dan

Devika PV 1st Dan

Sreehari EV 1st Dan

Navdha Santhosh 1st Dan

Aishwarya PV !st Dan

Karthik Vinod Kumar 1st Dan