GTA ITF History

Taekwon-Do originated in Korea. Due to the Founder's inspiration and indomitable spirit, Taekwon-Do is now practiced in all corners of the world.

International Taekwon-Do Federation was formed by General Choi Hong Hi in 1966. Since the Founder's death in 2002, his son, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, has continued his Father's work in the role of President.



GTA operates under the guidance of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, the president Orthodex Taekwon-Do" and the only heir to the legacy of our most respectful and beloved Founder of Taekwon-Do Grand Master Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

General Choi Taekwon-Do Association, GTA.

GTA ITF is a leading Taekwon-Do group within the INDIA. Our clubs offer classes suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. GTA ITF students are world renowned, supported in their pursuit of excellence by club instructors, national coaches and the expert tutelage of Master Trevor Nicholls IX. As the ITF Member Organisation (MO) #526, GTA ITF offers members ITF Degree certification, membership, International Instructor Certificates, International Umpire Certificates, Master Classes and Seminars, as well as national, continental and international competitions and events.

We are constantly working to ensure our members receive the best possible tuition from our Instructors, and remain dedicated to continual growth and support through learning and training together in the art of Taekwon-Do. GTA is conducting classes in schools, apartments, etc.

We welcome membership applications from individuals and groups wishing to follow the path of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa IX Degree, son of the Founder.

We proud to be affiliated with the ITF under the Presidency.

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